Music assignment: discussion question on Beethoven\’s Symphony No. 5

When the opening motive is not a clear part of the main musical idea, as is the case, for example, at 0:53 and 2:20, where and how might a related musical figure still be present?Can you help me with this The opening of Beethoven\’s Symphony No. 5 could be the most recognizable moment in all of classical music. Surely you know it. The familiar short-short-short-long motive hammers a single pitch three times, and then plummets: dah-dah-dah-DAAAAH. But here pitch isn\’t as important as rhythm and its repetition. To see what that means, just watch the animation. It shows how the short-short-short-long riff pops up over and over again in the score. Sometimes the shorts continue to repeat, sometimes the long is held even longer. But from this one musical motive the entire piece grows organically.

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