Prepare a cash-flow statement based on Pro-forma 2015 income statement and balance sheet.

Form a group of 5 students. You will be given a US-listed company. You need to search for the company financial data from MSN Money at In the quote search box, type a company name (eg: Apply, MCD…). Go to “Financial”, you will see the most recent four-year financial statements. Input 2011-2014 income statements and balance sheets into an excel sheet.
2.              Calculate average annual growth rates for revenue and net income using both GEOMEAN and AVERAGE functions. Create a column chart and scatter chart of total revenue and net income. (refer to Exhibit 1-8 & Figure 1-12 in text book)
3.              Prepare ratio table for all ratio on Table 4-1 (page 135), Economic profit worksheet as Exhibit 4-8 (page 134), and Z-score table as in Problem 1 of Chapter 4.
4.              Prepare Pro-forma income statement and balance sheet of 2015. Use TREND function to predict 2015 sales. Each item that changes with sales will be the five-year average percentage of sales. Tax rate will be 35%. Assume the DFN will be absorbed by long-term debt and interest rate is 5% of LTD. Use TREND functions for all other accounts. Set up an interactive worksheet to eliminate DFN.
5.              Prepare a cash-flow statement based on Pro-forma 2015 income statement and balance sheet.
6.              Prepare common-size income statements and balance sheets for 2011-2015.
7.              Replicate the analysis from Problem 2 of Chapter 6 (page 186).
8.              Calculate the compound annual growth rate of the past 4-year dividends using GEOMEAN function. Calculate the intrinsic value of the stock using 12% required rate of return. Calculate intrinsic value per share by dividing the company value with the total outstanding shares. Compare against stock price. Is it a Buy or Sell?

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