Programming Project.

Programming Project ASP.NET C#


1. System Description

Williams Specialty Company (WSC) is a small print and engraving organization. When a customer requests a printing or engraving job the sales person must enter the information into the order database (1) type of job (print or engraving), (2) media (clothing, plague, or trophy) (3) media catalog number, and (4) content into the print/engraving request database. The sales person then makes payment arrangements with the customer, which includes billing an existing customer, setting up an account for billing, or payment on delivery. If a payment on delivery option is selected, the sales person requests and receives at least a 10 percent deposit.

WSC wants to provide a web site so that their clients can provide the order information through a website. In addition, WSC wants to provide their entire catalog on the website.

Only customers with valid customer numbers and passwords are able to enter the customer area.
2. Software Deliverables
2.1. Description of Functionality

The application will provide the following functionality:

1. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of order request information

2. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of catalog information.

3. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of purchase order information.

4. Creation, modification, storage, and retrieval of user access information.

5. Allows a customer to enter an order request into the database.

6. Allows a customer to retrieve order request information.

7. Allows the operations manager to retrieve a order information from the database

8. Allows the operations manager to validate the purchase order

9. Allows the operations manager to close out the print request.

10. Allows a customer to update their personal and billing information.

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