One need to read this article
and answer the following questions:
1) Copy a section in which the twin sisters finish each other\’s sentence. Then say what this says about the women.
2) Stories have a theme, which is sort of like a thesis. I think this story is about identity.
2a) Overall, what\’s this story trying to say about identity?
2b) Essays always state the thesis, but stories only sometimes do. Does this story? Copy the sentence in which the author comes closest to stating its thesis about identity directly.
2c) How is that different from the way we usually think about identity?
3) Stories often try to make a point through the words or actions of their characters. Write three short paragraphs, one each for 3a) and 3b) and 3c), in which you answer the questions below by using quotations from the story. Follow the basic format I outlined in class: 1) topic sentence stating what theme is developed 2) evidence from text (quotation) 3) explanation of how the evidence proves the topic sentence.
3a) How does the dialogue of the twin sisters help to make a point about identity?
3b) How do their actions of the twin sisters help to make a point about identity?
3c) How does the author\’s description of the setting help to make a point about identity, or about another theme of the story?
4) Briefly summarize the entire story (about 2-3 sentences)

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