Provide suggestions for homework assignments found in your research to assist the couple in reaching their goals.

The Research Paper must be 6–8 pages written in third person voice. It must address treatment options and/or interventions from your research on 1 goal or vision that emerged from the coaching session and your Case Formulation. You must include biblical integration as part of your treatment options. You must also include the primary research information you would prepare in order to conduct a workshop on your topic for other coaches. Investigate your topic in depth; do not provide a broad survey of the topic.

As you conduct your research, your primary focus must be on treatment options that will equip your clients to move forward from where they are to where they want to be. Your focus will be on helping them to expand their shared vision, build their confidence, unlock their potential, increase their skills, and take practical steps towards their goals. This paper must be completed from a coaching perspective, not a counseling perspective.

The Research Paper must address the following:

· A description of the problem

o Summarize the problem by providing a brief description of it.

· Current statistics on the topic area

o Provide any statistics you find in your research on the topic.

· Development of this type of issue.

o Provide a summary of the general reasons that might lead a couple to develop this type of focus or issue.

· Helpful techniques (This is the major part, about 50-60% of the paper.)

o Provide techniques, actions, treatments, etc., that you find in your research which will help the couple reach their goals. You must use 3 or more resources in this section.

· Biblical perspectives

o Provide verses or biblical examples that you can use to assist the couple.

· Homework or field assignments

o Provide suggestions for homework assignments found in your research to assist the couple in reaching their goals.

· Additional information (optional)

o If you find any further information you believe would be helpful to other coaches, include it here. You may include advice or recommendations from your own personal experiences with this problem (whether you experienced it yourself or assisted someone with the same goals).

You must reference a total of 5–7 scholarly resources, including course material, scholarly books, professional journal articles, and professional websites. Adhere to the following guidelines:

At least 4 of the resources must be from scholarly books and/or professional journal articles.

· You may reference no more than 1 professional website.

All resources (excluding course textbooks) must have been published within the last 10 years.

· Your paper must demonstrate your ability to integrate and synthesize the information you collect in your research. Do not cut and paste information from your sources.

· If you would like to include lists for any reason, put them in an appendix and refer to them in your paper.

All parts of your Research Paper must conform to current APA format. Your Research Paper must include the following portions:

a) Title Page

b) Abstract

c) Content (6–8 pages, including an introduction and conclusion/summary)

d) APA Subheadings

e) Appendices (additional information)

a. If you have a personal illustration that you believe would be helpful to incorporate if you were teaching other coaches, include it in an appendix.

f) References page

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