Reaction paper – 5 pages

Log in details to the ebook upon acceptanceThe focus of this option is our secondary text, Confusing Love with Obsession. Your paper should be at least five pages in length. Additional sources or references are not required for this assignment, but if you quote, paraphrase, or summarize a source (including the texts), you must document it in APA format. Also, please clearly label each question below in bold with your response underneath.These are the questions/points to consider to which you should respond in your reaction paper:1. Using sociologist John Alan Lee\’s love styles (refer to pages 261- 263 of Intimate Relationships, and pay special attention to Table 8.7 \’Styles of Loving\’ found on the top of page 262) from chapter eight of \”Intimate Relationships\”, what is the predominant love style for most of the characters presented in the book, Confusing Love with Obsession.2. What character if any did you identify with most from the book? This can be either yourself or someone you know.3. Briefly outline the characteristics of the Obsessive Love Wheel at each stage of the wheel.4. After reading the book, what knowledge did you gain about love addiction?

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