Recruitment and Incentives to join the Military.

An annotated bibliography of at least five references (see the attached document for a model) and a outline for your final paper on recruitment and incentives to join the military. The outline might include areas such as why the topic is important, contemporary practices, recent research findings, examples of how the issue is being addressed by specific organizations, and your recommendations for HR professionals. At least one of your articles must be on an empirical study published in a academic (or peer-reviewed or refereed) journal. For your final paper, you will review an HR practice or topic (recruitment and incentives to join the military). The paper should be at least 8 pages in length (excluding cover and citations) with at least five different references (one may be the text book). At least one of the references must be from an empirical study. Please make sure the paper is free of grammar and spelling errors.

Below can be used to scope the work and topic for paper

Recruitment and Incentives to join the Military

The Military is one of the largest and recognized organizations in the world. Getting to that point has not always been voluntarily, it was once forced. The driving force behind this was the draft. The draft was used to single out individuals that where eligible to join the military and fight for their country. This was at a time of war when there were not enough volunteers. The only incentive was the fact that you earned the right to say that you fought for your country. In today’s military, the recruitment process has many incentives for new recruits. There is no one that is forced to join and individuals choose to serve at their own free will. The recruitment process is important to human resource managers because it is the key to building todays military by providing eligible, physically fit, and reliable new soldiers. The incentives for the recruiting process allows human resource managers the ability to entice and offer new recruits certain benefits that only the military can offer. Having that flexibility to provide recruitment incentives has ensured that the military will never have to resort back to a forced military again

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