Research a narrowly focused problem, gather and synthesize information, and develop a specific and arguable claim.

Research a narrowly focused problem, gather and synthesize information, and develop a specific and arguable claim. Most of your essay will be supporting your claim with logically organized, thoughtful reasoning, and specific evidence, and well-developed discussion. § THEY SAY: Structure your essay as a response to some part of the ongoing conversation about your topic. Summarize and cite only the relevant parts of the conversation, primarily a point of disagreement with your stance that will show why your essay and your claim is necessary. § I SAY: Your thesis can take on one of many possible aspects of your topic, but it should be clear, specific, and arguable. You might argue about the severity of the problem you’re discussing, that it is more or less serious than many people take it to be. You can make a claim about the nature of the problem, what it is actually connected to or what it stems from. Or you could propose a solution for a part of this problem. § SUPPORT: Explain your response (your point of difference with the larger conversation) with clear reasoning. All your reasons should directly connect to your thesis, and should be supported with multiple examples and other forms of detailed evidence that come from credible sources. § SIGNIFICANCE: Explain why this particular topic matters and what is at stake in your take on it. Who should the audience for your essay be, and what impact do you want it to have on them? § INTEGRATION OF RESEARCH: You must include at least three outside sources in this essay and they all must be relevant and credible. Cite all source material parenthetically and provide full MLA citations in the Works Cited section at the end of the essay. o Use source information to explain the necessary history and context of the problem you’re discussing, provide evidence of what the “they say” is, or support your claim. o Avoid long quotes, and frame source information with an introduction and commentary. FORMATTING: At least 5 full pages 12 pt. Times font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins Works Cited section in MLA forma

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