Research Paper

You will select a topic in American History. Everything from Aviation to Zoology is fair game, as long as the topic is school appropriate and focused on American history. Select a topic that will interest you for the rest of the semester. Remember, this is not a report – it is a thesis-based essay; think fact-based and argumentative. Select a topic that you can take a stand on, or have an opinion about, and can use evidence to support your opinion. A biography of Rosa Parks would not be appropriate, but an analysis of her importance and contributions to the American Civil Rights movement would. The impact of the Ford Mustang on the American automotive industry would work, but an overview of great American cars would not.Final draft must be in MLA format, and must include bibliography and title/cover page.I\’m planning to do this essay on the impact of Pearl Harbor on the U.S. I already have a thesis in mind: The attack on Pearl Harbor radically altered the United States and its global role.

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