research paper on allelopathic effects of kuduz

Here is introduction page:
Allelopathy, is the chemical inhibition of growth in one species of plants by chemicals produced by another species. Reason why, the first plant is releasing into the environment substances that act like germination or growth inhibitors. Kudzu is well known in the southeastern part of the United States. (Shreya Mathur and Dr. Sunil Mathur Journal of Emerging Investigators Dec 19, 2013) It is considered to be a noxious weed and tends to grow very fast. Kudzu is able to survive in a wide variety of habitats but mostly in undisturbed open areas. For example, it has been observed in the Atlanta, Georgia area highways that there are few plant species that coexist with kudzu, it tends to grow everywhere. Those plant species that do try to coexist are mostly found in small numbers. Therefore, it is hypothesize that there is/are chemical compound(s) released by the kudzu plant to cause allelopathic interference amongst other plant species. That it can be rationalized that if the kudzu plants were indeed allelopathic, then their chemical compounds must be specialized to inhibit the growth of competing species: white clovers,
Please do Methods ( materials and how to describe an experiment to be conducted)
It`s writing a scientific method research paper on allelopathic effects of kuduz

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