Review Bureau’s informed consents and other paperwork that the Federal Government requires for academic research projects.

Recommending Law enforcemnet to use body cameras.

Formatting Guidelines:

Write no more than eight to twelve clear and concise pages, excluding illustrations, which are required.
Design an appropriate letterhead for Parker-Benson Publishing. Don’t use the address for the transmittal memo. You may use color, a bolded font, graphic image, etc.
Use a Size 12 Times New Roman font.
Single space within the paragraph and skip a space in between paragraphs.
Use five to eight outside sources and include the APA-formatted in-text citations and References page as needed. Three sources must be from the UMUC Library databases.
Use appropriate headings for the report. Don’t use headings in the transmittal memo.
Include an executive summary but no abstract.
Use the date of your submission and a relevant, concise subject line for the transmittal memo.
Illustrations are required.

Scenario: You are an editor for Parker-Benson Publishing. Completed a master’s degree. Publishing an article for your resume as you look for a different job.

Report required in this order:

Front Matter:

Transmittal memo to state the name of the article that is attached and to move the project forward (two paragraphs)

Title page

Executive summary


Statement of the problem and/or opportunity

Scope establishing boundaries and limitations for your article

Appropriate background information (ex. historical data, relevant laws, definitions, etc.)

Research Methods

Use secondary sources or your own inspections for this project.

Primary research, including interviews and surveys, can’t be used because there isn’t time to process the Institutional Review Bureau’s informed consents and other paperwork that the Federal Government requires for academic research projects.


Conclusions drawn from the experts’ opinions and facts in the sources

Criteria for drawing those conclusions (evaluating options and alternatives)


Brief summary of problem and/or opportunity



Back Matter


Glossary and other appendices as needed


Illustrations are required for this assignment. The illustrations must be formatted, positioned logically in the article, and sized correctly so that they supplement the textual information without distracting the reader. Illustrations may be photos, charts, graphs, logos, etc. Create your own illustrations or borrow them from sources if you give credit to the original authors according to the APA guidelines and the copyright laws

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