Russia\’s Society

Please make sure the question is included at the top of the page but does not count toward the word count. – All questions regarding Russia\’s society.1.) 750 Word Summary
Russia\’s Society – summarize about the people, religion, cultural symbols, food, customs and art. illustrate your rationale for choosing Russia\’s society and focus on learning more about the society.2.) 800 Word- Summarize the sustainability efforts for Russia\’s society discuss ecology and climate along with examples of modes of sustainability no matter how old the society or civilization might be, discuss all communities/preserve/store resources in some way.
This should include the sustainability efforts.3.) 800 Word- Discuss about the politics in Russia\’s society What is the type of government organization. Political structures inherent in different societies. What are the cultural values.4.) 750- Word
Choose one industry or technological advancement or invention in Russia\’s Society and analyze the impact it had on Russia\’s society. Include the name of the advancement or invention and include information about it. Discuss the impact it had.5.) 750 word
Appraise the commerce, citizen rules and responsibility sand allies/enemies in Russia\’s society. Understand global citizenship – Include specific examples that underscore what you learned about global citizenship in relation to Russia\’s society. What are the important elements of global citizenship in relation to russia\’s society.6.) 800 WORD
Indicate similarities and differences between the religions values and laws in Russia\’s society when compared to other societies.

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