Select company and secure instructor approval.

Introduction of the company (limit to a maximum of three single-spaced pages). o Description of the firm and its products o Company history (brief history, critical events, competitors, leadership), including strategic elements of its history o Vision and mission statement o Assessment of mission and vision  External assessment o EFE and CPM with strategic implications o Analysis of competitive position, opportunities, and threats  Internal assessment o IFE with strategic implications o Financial ratio analysis with key conclusions and implications for strategic choice o Overall analysis of internal capabilities and implications for your strategic decisions

Module 1: Select company and secure instructor approval. Once approved, create plan outline, insert current mission and vision.

Module 2: Complete an EFE and CPM for your company (including analysis and conclusions) and insert in your working draft which you will hold until you submit Phase 1 during Module 3. .

Module 3: Complete an IFE and calculate financial ratios (including analysis and conclusions) for your company and insert in your plan to submit at the end of Module

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