Select one product that you believe would be successful to be promoted for each of the selected message channels.

In a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document, address the following case:

Several weeks after a depositor’s death, Chase Manhattan Bank paid 12 checks on the deceased depositor’s account. The depositor’s signature on the checks had been forged. The estate sued Chase, and Chase sued the estate’s attorneys.

The estate’s attorneys advised Chase of the depositor’s death. Three weeks before Chase paid any of the forged checks, the attorney’s gave Chase a copy of the death certificate and a court order to examine his deposit box.

Of the parties mentioned, is anyone liable?

The Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute



These sites offer an overview of negotiable instruments law, federal and state statutes and regulations, and federal and state court decisions. Using one of these sites, search for “negotiable instruments”.

Choose one of the cases listed (not the results from US Code).

Write a 1-2 page summary discussing the case, explaining the court’s decision, and relating the information to the materials covered in this week’s readings.

Be sure to document the case you choose to use by listing the name of parties involved, dates of decision (if given), along with appropriate APA citations of the website URL.

Promotional mix decisions begin with choosing the right message channel to reach their intended audience. With so many different message channels in the changing media landscape, it’s no wonder businesses are unsure of how to communicate with their audience.

In a two page paper, identify and describe 5 different message channels (ex. Radio advertising, internet pop-ups) and share advantages and disadvantages of each. Select one product that you believe would be successful to be promoted for each of the selected message channels.
Additional library or Internet research is required to complete this assignment. It is important that you cite each of your sources at the end of your paper

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