What side does the author come down on this issue of free will vs. fate?

who read the story named “The Minority Report” by Phillip K. Dick .

Does free will exisit? “The Minority Report” by Phillip K. Dick is about a future where the police force arrests criminals before they have a chance to commit a violent crime. Violent crime has been abolished thanks to the Precogs who are mutants with the ability to see one week into the future. The story focuses on a police commissioner, John Anderton, who discovers that the Precogs predict that he will kill someone in one week, someone he does not even know. To arrest someone before they commit a crime brings up the philosophical question of free will vs. determinism. If you know what you are going to do in the near future, do you have any choice over whether to do it or not? What side does the author come down on this issue of free will vs. fate? Write a 300 words journal entry addressing these questions. Include specific examples from the short story to support your opinion

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