Some Issues and Particular Importance in work with young Children

Please revise the order according to the commentsRevision comment:Dear writer,
Here\’s the comments from the clients professor:
\”in question 2 she wants to know if there is a particular researcher or theorist who addressed students learning style and modalities in the classroom?need to add a sentence to support thinking
In question 4 d she would like to know how does this contribute to a safe physical and emotional environment?
Please explain Question 5 she wants to know which one of the 6 areas in the question does a through e address Meaning is it physical emotional social linguistic aesthetic and cognitive need to explain
Also letter e in question 4 she would like to know which type of development please be specific and the comments
in question 4 she wants to know if there is any research or theory to support asserting that is for the last sentence
And in question 6 international students is no called that in second grade public school
Also question 6 a children to contribute to unit planning and developing the curriculum she wants to know how
In 6 c she wants to know what is cultural competence threshold explain
And 6 e want you to explain what you mean by such a curriculum does not provide opportunities to the minors to transit naturally\”
Please fix the paperCritical incidents essay In the introduction Why you use the word foul can you change it in deeps critical incidents What does this term mean? In the discussion And sometimes unfortunate there is an article missing Last sentence on pg 2 The mark is used as a means of punishment She wants to know what mark are you talking about? Please clarify Pg 3 Second sentence is not clear Oh 3 want an example? For consequently it is justifiable disagreement children with such a situation Pg 3 What does this mean? Personal coloring The sentence is not clearly 3 number 1 Provide an example to clarify Pg 3 number 2 How does this cause a conflict by itself Pg 3 number 3 Provide an example and clarify Pg 4.number 1 What do you mean remember the teacher
Continuation of critical incidents Pg 4 number 2 As always remain the priority interests of the children as developing personality She said it\’s unclear what do u mean Pg4 number 3 Give an example Oh 4 Didactic genie What does this term mean Pg 4 Teacher and children high Word missing didn\’t copy quote correctly Pg 4 It is important that the teacher was able to correctly identify its position What is it hopefully not the teacher Pg 4 Such conflicts may become a chronic phenomenon in the class she wants to know what that means explain in everyday language Pg 4 Survey children she says something is missing Do you mean survey of children Page 4 For such an attitude the children Incomplete thought
Critical incidents continued Pg 5 Bad teacher has his profession What does this mean? Pg 5 Has been formulated a rule Subject verb agreement Pg 5 Smart must be able Verb is missing word missing Pg. 5 often wrong last Does not make sense something is missing Pg 5 On the other hand it would be wrong Missing a word Pg 5 Alcohol drugs toxic substances Does not make sense Pg 5 Has significantly increased What has significantly increased Please identify it at the beginning of sentence Pg5 Thirdly obviously it decreased the quality of teacher trainings wife it what is it Critical incidents continued Pg 6 number 2 She ask why? Pg 5 Who conflicts Missing verb Pg 6 Number 4 Radically fast What does radically fast mean Number 5 Conflict less to say What ?a word is missing unclear Pg 7 Number 7 A good knowledge subject What is a good knowledge subject?Initial instructions:
See the files attached
Answer the questions
there are six questions that need to be answered with commentsThe subject is some issues of importance in work with young children

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