State and Local Government

4 pages in total. Please, use attached readings to answer these questions. Please, make 3 page per question 1/2/3 and 5 and 1 page for question 4.
State and Local Government
Answer the five questions below as completely as possible (about a page per question). Any arguments or conclusions that are not your own should be properly cited. Please submit answers as typed, double-spaced essays in a single Word document.1. Using evidence from Ch. 10-11 and examples to support, respond to this statement: “Smaller cities are asking for trouble in choosing a strong mayor-council structure for their government. Big cities have abundant media and political factions to keep mayors honest, but small cities are often more homogeneous and with fewer media ‘watchdogs’, which invites the mayor to assume too much power and ultimately construct barriers to accountability. Mismanagement and corruption are likely common outputs of this governmental form.”2. Based on your reading of Ch. 12, would you characterize state-local government relations in the U.S. as cooperative overall or adversarial overall? What is the greatest means of cooperation between these two levels, and what is the greatest means of conflict? On into the future, do you see intergovernmental cooperation increasing, conflict increasing, or both? Explain.

3. Ch. 13 introduces you to state-local fiscal policy, that is, the politics of taxing and spending. We routinely worry that taxation is unfair. Where do charges of unfairness come from, generally? Examine the different types of taxation and fees levied at the state and local level, and evaluate their “fairness.” Categorize each as acceptable or unacceptable to you based on what you have learned in the chapter.4. [Note: This answer should be longer (about 2 pages total) to allow you to bring in more detail from your internet searching]. The menu of approaches to state/local economic development is long, as described in Ch. 14. Evaluate how either Mississippi or Alabama has fared overall in using the five “current approaches” detailed on pp. 377-383. Begin with an examination of efforts described on the web sites of either the Mississippi Development Authority ( or the Alabama Department of Commerce ( and work out from there, checking the internet to evaluate evidence that the government for the state you chose is active in each of these areas.5. Select one of the remaining chapters (15-18) and lay out the major dimensions of what the policy featured is supposed to do at the state/local level. Some states/localities do much better than others in this policy area, and while much of it is traceable to money spent on the issue, money doesn’t account for all success. What then are specific non-money factors that encourage this policy to be more effective (i.e., doing what it intends to do) and responsive (to needs/demands of the people) in some states/localities rather than others?

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