Summarize completely. (Include the author’s thesis, main points, and conclusions.)

These are the guidelines that describe performance of completing the summary/evaluation memos. The basic goals of the summary portion of your memo follow:

Condense the reading selection. (Be brief yet complete; no major ideas should be missing.)
Summarize completely. (Include the author’s thesis, main points, and conclusions.)
Paraphrase. (Put the author’s ideas into your own words.)

The basic goals of the evaluation portion of your memo follow:

Relate the reading to personal experience.
Use logical, well-developed examples to explain the response to the reading.
Demonstrate critical thinking.


Length: Two pages.

Follow Guidelines for Summarizing and Evaluating in the attachments.
Follow the template provided in The attachments. That means: Use those four headings to organize your summary/evaluation. You are summarizing when you identify the author’s THESIS, MAIN POINTS, and CONCLUSIONS. You switch from “summary” guidelines at that point and start using “evaluation” guidelines in the final memo/email heading, EVALUATION.

In short: THESIS/MAIN POINTS/CONCLUSIONS sections of your memo/email refer to the author’s argument, while you are speaking from your own experience, using first-person voice if you wish, in the EVALUATION section.

Please write a summary and analysis using the format of summary/evaluation or thesis, main points (avoid bullet points), conclusion, and evaluation for this part of the exam (one or two pages). Read the guidelines directly following to be sure you understand the evaluation premises.

Using these guidelines: summarize the following Author’s Preface from The Nature of Engineering by Taft H. Broome, Jr. (May, 2006) in the attachment. Next, answer the following question for evaluation: Broome contends that “engineering for everybody” should be a topic required in the general education programs colleges and universities. Agree or disagree with his premises, citing your own personal experience as an engineering student or as an “everybody else” to argue for the value of a general education in engineering as Broome presents the case. Be sure that you agree or disagree with Broome, and bring in specific examples of why you agree or disagree

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