Summary – Third Exam on Consumer Law

3rd exam for POL 391 / introduction to law on dashboard. Login info upon acceptance.DescriptionThis is a 50 question test consisting of multiple choice and T/F questions. You have 60 minutes to complete it. It is a good idea to save your answers as you go, and remember to submit your exam when you are done with it.tudy Guide for Third ExamThis will be an all multiple choice exam worth 100 points. It will contain somewhere between 50-75 questions.Block 6: Consumer Law Part I: Identity Theft/Creditor and Debtor Law/Landlord-Tenant LawActivities that make one vulnerable to identity theftWays to prevent identity theftCosts and benefits of credit and credit cardsProcesses for debt collectionProtections for consumers from debt collectorsHow small claims court worksRepayment programs for student loan debtPenalties and punishments for failure to pay debtsBasic tenants’ rights in MinnesotaWhat happens when you move out of your apartmentYour liability for your roommates’ actionsBlock 7: Consumer Law Part II: Bankruptcy and Real Property(Remember, there are notes online for the Block 7 materials)Types of bankruptciesChanges to bankruptcy lawsWhat happens when you or a company files bankruptcyThe relationship between state and federal law in bankruptcy casesTypes of propertyTypes of ownership in property (joint tenancy, tenancy in common, easement, license, covenant, adverse possession, taking, etc.)

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