The art of inductive interpretation

Select an image with a caption, an editorial cartoon, or a comic. It should involve both image and text. You can find these images by searching:Google Images
The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
The available resources through the Rio Salado LibraryFor the visually-impaired, the library database AP Images provides clear metatags that describe the news images, as well as captions that accompany the images in print.
By using the tips that were provided in the VoiceThread lecture, you will be asked to write a response to the following prompts:Introduce your image and provide a description.
Discuss the relationship between the image and the text, and state what argument the text is making by using one of the inductive argument structures that were mentioned in this lesson.
Discuss whether you find the image/text pairing as effective, and provide examples to explain why (or why not).
Conclude with a citation of your image in MLA style

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