The Uprising of Christianity: How the Fall of the Great Empires led to Christianity

In this assignment I am proving that the rise in Christianity was due to to fall of the Greek and roman Empires.
It seemed as though Christianity had a great influence on the poor. Was this true? Did the fall of the two empires cause a greater poor population? Did christianity spread and become the dominant religion because it influenced the poor more?Those questions do not all need to be addressed in the paper but are there more for you to understand my subject and what to write about in this paper.A friendly reminder, this course was on Ancient Greece and has to somehow relate back to Ancient Greece.
This is an argument paper thus needs an argument that needs to be proven.
There needs to be a thesis present within the first page.*please add footnotes and the bibliography in Chicago style
*please find primary (meaning from ancient writers) and secondary (meaning from recent sources addressing past events) sources (at least 5 of each) which are trustworthy but not from Wikipedia or the Encyclopedia

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