Visit the World Economic Forum website, search for Emerging Technology,and learn the technologies listed.

Assignment Preparation: Activities include the website search, the table review, independent student reading, and research.

Visit the World Economic Forum website, search for “Emerging Technology,” and learn the technologies listed.
Review theStrategic management of technology and innovation Table 1.2 A Brief Description of the Disruptive Roots of the Companies and Industries Listed in Exhibit 4.

Assignment: Select a product or a service (or a combination of both) where emerging technologies may have an impact on.

You should describe the current state of the product or service, explain the emerging technologies, and offer a few potential impacts on the product or service.

Where appropriate, apply the S-Curves to describe its development.

You may use any one of the following options to present the project that you picked:

A storyboard format
A slide presentation
An interactive diagram
Any other options approved by your instructor

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