What are all the parts of the body that you will touch?

A Tale of RBC Journey” Anatomy & Physiology II Lab Assignment Please record, in complete sentences, the following particle and their routes through the system they stipulate (cardiovascular). For instance, a RBC travels through X vessel and passes Y, Z, and W organs or vessels. You also need to write a few sentences/small paragraph for any area or structure in which physiological function would take place ( gas exchange, etc.). Imagine if you were that particle? What would you see? What are all the parts of the body that you will touch? What would you pass by? What would happen to you in certain areas either along the way until you reach your destination (physiological function)? Paper does not need to follow APA format. It must be clear to understand and follow. You must go in order. You must title the journey. You will need the following on the top of your paper: Your Name Class, day, time Date 1. A journey of red blood cell from the right atrium, through the body to the dorsal digitals and back up to the right atrium. *Be creative and have fun with thi

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