What are some of the writing assignments in the discipline?

In a 100-200-word short essay, describe the approach to the essay examination as presented in your reading. You will want to summarize, paraphrase, and condense the information. You might consider organizing your response by glossing over the entire process or by honing in on a particular aspect of the reading.

Question 3.

In a 100-200-word short essay, address the following questions: When considering the whole essay in revision, how do you understand FACT? What is your definition of each of the letters of this revision strategy? What are some questions that you would ask of the text when considering each letter? How does this approach help to ensure that the essay has a holistic revision approach?


Using what you have learned in this unit’s reading about writing in the disciplines, write a 100-200-word short essay that addresses some or all of the following: What is your major? What “discipline” does that major most easily fall into? Given what you know about your major so far, what types of methodologies are used? What kinds of evidence are considered permissible? What type of documentation format is most often used in that discipline? What kinds of questions does the discipline ask itself? What are some of the writing assignments in the discipline?

If you use outside sources, including ther textbooks, you need to use quotation marks for lifted language, as well as in-text and reference list citations

The Books used in the course are The Little Brown Compact Handbook with Exercises Second Custom Edition Jane E. Aaron and The West Encounters & Transformations Levack/Muir/Veldman Custom Edition Volume 1: to 171

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