What are the blessings and curses of being one of Munro’s central figures?

Use my first two pages that have been written. Paper must be free of grammatical errors. Also edit the first two pages for errors. Must use academic sources. Add more sources for Munro interviews I have only included one of them. Minimum of three. Also use the three stories that I talked about here

Why “Too Much Happiness”
I picked “Too much Happiness” as the story to write about because of how it was confusing the first time I read it. As we talked about it in class, the story came back to me in a better chronological sense, which helped me appreciate the character behind Sophia much more. Sophia’s life is full of everyday troubles, and she is also one of the few characters who is not just passionate about her work, but is also at the very peak of achievement. Also her undying regard for her fiance (Maksim) even as she was pushed away by him. I also would like to compare this story to “ The Bear came over the Mountain” and how Fiona’s husband almost seemed to give up, and how hurt he was. It was surprising that he would let himself be left infidelity. Second story I would like to compare to is “The Children Stay” and how it was shocking for a mother to leave her child, but here it is the main focus unlike Sophia’s life.
Last story I would like to include is “Runaway” and that would be because it explores the consequences of leaving, or staying.

You must explore the three stories and tie them to criticism. I have only searched this type of criticism for one of the stories. You must find the other sources.

As we have been discussing in class, much of Munro’s work deals with the conflict between one’s
“inner” life (private dreams, desires, fantasies, yearnings, imagination, longing) and one’s “outer”
life (public duties, responsibilities, obligations, social conventions, traditions, expectations).
In an original, insightful, in-depth 8-10-page critical essay, explore this tension in Munro’s work.
Consider who suffers the most in her stories and why. What are the blessings and curses of being
one of Munro’s central figures?
This is an opportunity for you to study one of Munro’s stories in greater depth and gain a deeper
appreciation for her style.
Keep your focus on one of the stories listed below. Of course, you are welcome to discuss other
examples from other stories in your paper, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Your
paper will be more satisfying and meaningful if you write more about fewer examples rather than
saying a little about several stories.
• “Too Much Happiness”
• “Train”
• “My Mother’s Dream”
• “The Children Stay”
• “The Bear Came Over the Mountain”
The research component:
Your job is to find criticism and commentary about Munro that you find helpful and illuminating.
Along the way, you will find opinions about Munro’s work that are unhelpful and even misguided, in
your opinion. Consider including some of this material, too, where relevant. Part of the goal of this
assignment is for you to enter into a larger conversation, to respond to others’ arguments about
Munro’s work while still developing and supporting your own original thesis.
What to include:
• Quotations from at least three articles that you find in the Literature Resource Center or
elsewhere online. (Please clear non-LRC sources with me before committing to them.)
• Quotations from at least three different interviews with Alice Munro (print or audio/video
• At least five different quotations from your primary story and at least three quotations from
other stories in Family Furnishings. (I’d like you to briefly compare/contrast three other
stories with the main story you’re writing about.)
Length: 8-10 pages of crisp, lively, engaging prose.
Words of caution:
• Up to 10 points will be deducted from your final grade for (1) Not attending class and/or
not having a complete draft of your paper on both Dec. 3 and Dec. 8 and/or (2) Not having
your thesis and outline form complete on Nov. 24.
• Review the Academic Honesty Policy on the syllabus.
Specs: MLA format, word-processed, size 12 font, TNR or Arial preferred, double-spaced. Staple
pages. Please include an original title and subtitle. Include a separate Works Cited page.

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