What can be learned about the physical geography of this community that surprised you?

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This is a worksheet. Not a thesis.

Research Alexandria, Louisiana, noting its physical geography, demographics, population, and history. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

1. What are the physical features of this community? Research this question by looking at maps that indicate the geographic features of this community. What can be learned about the physical geography of this community that surprised you?

2. Why did this community develop in the first place? Why do people live there? What physical characteristics of the natural landscape contributed to the population growth of this community?

3. How many people are in this community? Has this number increased or decreased in the last twenty years?

4. What factors caused people to migrate to this community in the past? What are current factors causing people to migrate to this community?

5. Who are the people in your community? What racial or ethnic groups are present? What other demographic information can be found about the people in this community?

6. Locate a map illustrating the spread of a virus in this community. How is this type of information useful to you?

Include references for all of your information in this worksheet

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