What companies must be outgunned if you are to establish or maintain that position?

On the Basics:

We have asserted that marketing is really the strategic idea of connectedness with

customers. From the perspective of your final project company, identify and discuss how your company connects with its customers – select from either the marketing concept or the selling concept. Be sure to define each concept and be detailed in your response.

Referring to your project company provide a well-developed characterization of your market segment and your target market.

i. Identify the most urgent issue necessary for you to penetrate or protect your desired market space.

Lastly, concisely address each of the following central positioning questions pertaining to your project company/brand (pull from Positioning to support your response):

What position, if any, do you already have in the prospect’s mind?

What position do you want to own?

What companies must be outgunned if you are to establish or maintain that position?

On the Marketing Mix: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s marketing mix and offer strategic recommendations on how the company should handle the most burning marketing problem/opportunity impacting the strategic performance of the ‘mix’. Consider shaping your answer with the 5Cs in mind

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