What does Aronson say is one of the most powerful determinants of whether you will like another person ?

What does Aronson say is one of the most powerful determinants of whether you will like another person ?

a. If that person likes you

b. If that person and you are about equally attractive

c. If that person and you have similar attitudes

d. If you have high self-esteem

Explain your reason for selecting this answer.


2. Suppose you are observing a highly popular and well-respected politician and a college student eat lunch. Both proceed to spill gravy on their neck-ties. Generalizing from research cited in Aronson, your liking of the politician will most likely___?___ and your liking of the college student will ___?___.

a. increase; increase

b. increase; decrease

c. decrease; decrease

d. decrease; increase

Why do you believe that this is the correct choice?


3. Aronson’s text describes an experiment in which subjects watch a victim supposedly receive electric shocks. Subjects were given the opportunity to vote as to whether the victim should continue to receive the shocks, and the shocks were either terminated or not. What was the outcome of that experiment in terms of liking the victim?


Article 37

4. Explain why it was that Dutton and Aron found it necessary to conduct a third experiment, this time in a laboratory setting, to control for what possible potential confounding factor?

Personal Relevance

5. Explain a situation in which you heard it said or someone said to you something that started a conflict or became a confrontation. Explain how it made you feel. Next, describe how the confrontation or conversation could be re-written using “Straight Talk”.


6. According to the Aronson textbook in Chapter 8, why is it important to express one’s feelings rather than one’s judgments about another person?

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