What evidence from the textbook supports the main points of each author?

Unit IV Article Critique Write an Article Critique of at least two pages (not including title and reference pages) on the article listed below: Gilbert, R. (2007). To incinerate or not to incinerate. Alternatives Journal, 33(2/3), 47-49. You can find this point-counterpoint article in the GreenFILE database of the CSU Online Library. The article presents opposing arguments, made by Richard Gilbert and Mark Winfield, one in favor of incineration over landfilling and one against. Your paper should address the following topics:  Describe three key arguments made by each author.  Do the authors’ arguments support their main points?  What evidence from the textbook supports the main points of each author? You should include one reference to the text for each side of the argument.  Which side do you support? Be sure to back up your argument with at least one outside source. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA style

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