What influence does each of these factors have on the two selected steps of enforcement?

The paper’s instructions:
The law is enforced and implemented by the state most frequently through the activities of policing, prosecution, and sentencing. As we have discussed, because law reflects society, the law in practice is often influenced by factors far beyond those found in the letter of the law. Many of the readings we have done identified the factors of race, class, and gender as relevant to understanding the operation of the law. For this paper, you need to consider the role of race, class, and gender in two of the three types of enforcement (policing, prosecution, and sentencing). What influence does each of these factors have on the two selected steps of enforcement? What do the readings from throughout the course have to say to help you answer this question? Is reform necessary to minimize the impact of race, class, and gender? If so, what reforms might work? If not, why not?

primarily for this paper the interest is in understanding of the arguments presented and the strength of the analysis, grammar and writing will also be part of how the evaluation of your paper will be. Please make sure to avoid any palgiarism and only use the reading that I will attach.
The readings will be in PDF (1.Sarat, when the state kills) )2.Devine, the death penalty) (3.Spohn, I took pictures of pages 365-377) and (4. Coates, is the website article) .
Also you will have to use this website as a part of the reading of the paper http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/10/the-black-family-in-the-age-of-mass-incarceration/403246/ .
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please avoid any plagiarism and only used the readings in the following attachments and the website i put in the instructions, thank you.

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