What is their impact on the user and for the social group surrounding the user?

Portable media consoles (i.e. Nintento DS, Kindle Fire, iPhone and iPad, Samung Galaxy) are becoming extremely popular devices for viewing a number of different types of media content, both for entertainment and for educational purposes. Given the increasingly heavy use of portable consoles as an alternative to traditional television-style monitors, it is important to disucss what are the physiological and psychological effects of portable consoles and how they may differ from those of television-based consoles.

1. What are your experiences (directly or indirectly with a family member) with using portable media consuls? When do you use them? What do you use them for? What is their impact on the user and for the social group surrounding the user? Are their physical effects?

2. Compare this same user experience to when watching TV or playing XBox on the TV. What is the difference in the experiences?

3. What conculsuion do you reach about the impact of portable video game consuls on the user, and the social impact of these devices on those around the user?

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