What issues in American History brought this woman to the limelight?

Biography Paper:  A biography of a famous woman or women.  This biography will be typed and a minimum of 8-10 DOUBLE SPACED pages ( 5 full complete single-spaced pages.) As you prepare this biography, answer these questions as specifically as possible:

(1) What is it that made this woman famous?

(2) What issues in American History brought this woman to the limelight?

(3) Are these issues still a concern today?

(4) Why did you choose to write on this woman?

Select Jane Addams, The Grimke Sisters, and Harriet Tubman write on. This paper should have a bibliography. If you are using your text, list the pages where you found the information. If you are not using your text, include all outside sources. Include a minimum of 10 sources. This should include (but not limited to) books, journals, and online articles. MLA  Style is acceptable for bibliography.


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