What leader / leadership theory and approaches apply from the module,? What worked well?

i want a personal reflection of the two presentations that i did. Basically we had to do two presentations . the first one was about 6 basis of power for leaders and the second presentation was about “are leaders born or made”. n<br>
now we have been asked to do a personal reflection on both the presentations upto 1450 words. the following is the area that should be discussed<br>
• Leader and Follower roles<br>
• What leader / leadership theory and approaches apply from the module<br>
• What worked well?<br>
• What did not work well?<br>
• Leader’s effectiveness / efficiency<br>
• Follower’s effectiveness / efficiency<br>
• How dynamic / static the group were<br>
• Power culture and structure <br>
• How conflicts were handled and decisions made …….. etc<br>
IMPORTANT: In the first presentation i was the leader of the group.. so you will have to discuss it from my point of view that how i felt as a leader etc… in the second presentation, i was a follower.<br>
please let me know if you have difficulty in understanding the criteria. i have attached the assessment criteria with the order. please do it in the way the university wants. <br>
NOTE: To gain high marks students will need to effectively link and apply related and relevant theory and approaches from the module to the

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