What roles do water and air play in the lives of invertebrates?

Answer each question with at least 150 words:

1. How do sponges and placozoans take in water?

2. How do sponges and placozoans reproduce?

3. What general characteristics assign sponges and placozoans to their class?

4. Select a specific parasitic protozoan. What is its locomotion? How does it reach its host? What current research is available about this protozoan?

5. What roles do water and air play in the lives of invertebrates? Why do some invertebrates live in water and others do not? What are some environmental problems that affect invertebrates in the water and in the air?

6. Discuss the reproduction methods of protozoans. Are there species that are asexual? Is there a benefit to this mode of reproduction? Why or why not?

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