What shifts in perspective do you notice and how might these shifts alter our perception of the story?

Devise a specific thesis from it. This is to be a research paper fro which you will need to use at least TWO secondary (critical) source. The source you choose must be peer-reviewed sources ( ie. critical essay that have been vetted by professional academic and accepted for publication in reputable academic publication, either journals or books on line pr in print). Make sure to use “Peer-reviewed” as one of your search criteria when you are searching on the university library home page ( Which should be the first place to go to begin your research ). However, before going to the critical source have some idea about what you will be arguing in your paper. Make a draft or an outline of your argument before you read what other writers have said about the film(s) on which you are writing. in that regard, try not to rely heavily on the ideas of the critics. Rather, be sure to establish your own argument first and foremost and then use the critics idea merely to back up what your are saying, to lend authority of your argument.
Be sure to substantiate your argument by referring in specific details to the formal aspect of the film ( its structure, mise-en-scene, etc.) Which convey the film’s ideas about the topic your are discussing.
Essay should conform to the MLA style guide . Paper should be typewritten in 12 points font, double -spaced, one side of the paper

A) Take into consideration the distinction made by ED SIKOV between the sysuzhet and the fabula ( or the story of the plot ) of the narrative. What difference does it make to our understanding of the film that the events are told or shown in the order in which we experience them, that some events in the story are not represented but rather elided, or that some event are abbreviated or merely alluded to,while others are elaborated upon the length? What shifts in perspective do you notice and how might these shifts alter our perception of the story? Draw specific conclusion about the narrative choices made by the filmmaker and the meaning created as a consequences of these choices.

B) Take an autherist approach in analyzing one of the above films from the course by comparing it to another film by the same filmmaker.What consistent themes and idea or typical stylistic choices are to be found in the films? Draw specific conclusion from your analysis about the director’s characteristics style and pre occupation and the meaning they suggest.

C) discuss the way in which Sammy and terry and Rudy’s relationship in Kenneth Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me is determined by the traumatic loss of their parents when they were children . How does the film explore the psychological/or Spiritual ramification of this loss for the adult sibling?

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