What stakeholder buy-in will I need to obtain to perform this study?

Explore some resources and identify three issues in education that you consider most important. You may explore a variety of resources such as newspapers,scholarly journals, publications from professional organizations, education-related websites, etc.

For this Discussion, you will narrow the scope of each education-related issue you identified in order to formulate problems that merit further investigation. What are some of the problems—whose resolution might be informed by applying knowledge from existing research or conducting a new research study—associated with each of the issues? Why is it important to investigate one or more of these problems? Identifying issues and problems early in your advanced graduate degree program allows you more time to build on your knowledge base related to them. Further, you will be prepared to analyze and evaluate scholarly inquiry with a critical eye.

When evaluating an issue and reflecting on ways to positively address the issue, the task, at first, might seem overwhelming. For this reason it is important to critically examine the issue to determine the most important related problems. As you consider problems associated with an issue, you should be able to begin identifying potential research topics. Before you can begin planning a research study for a topic, the topic must be quite narrow. As you narrow a topic to a specific problem, ask the following:

· What has already been studied in the literature?

· How much time will it take me to complete a study related to this problem?

· What stakeholder buy-in will I need to obtain to perform this study?

· What are the benefits of doing this study?

· What are the ethical considerations related to this study?

· Will I be able to recruit participants for this study?

These questions are not inclusive of all that needs consideration when contemplating a research study, but they give you an idea of what needs to be considered when you take an educational issue and extract problems for possible investigation.

Write how you would narrow a topic from each of the three issues by identifying a problem for each issue that can be researched. Identify one piece of key information you discovered in a scholarly resource about each problem. Then, create problem statements that concisely define the scope of how you will research each problem.

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