What steps are in place to eliminate the pollutant or to mitigate harm from the pollutant?

ou will write an APA-style research paper about pollutants, their impacts, and mitigation of harmful effects. Include the following:

Select 1 example of an environmental pollutant from the following list:
Acid precipitation/ Acid rain
DDT pesticide use
Answer the following questions about the pollution problem that you chose:
Describe the pollutant chosen and the source of the pollutants. Include both natural and human sources, as applicable.
Is this a point-source pollutant or nonpoint-source pollutant? Explain.
What are the harmful impacts of the pollution?
Describe impacts to both humans and to ecosystem structure and function.
What steps are in place to eliminate the pollutant or to mitigate harm from the pollutant?
Describe examples of laws or regulations that apply to the pollution and its sources.
Also, describe educational programs, technology, or other initiatives that are used to help control the pollution.
Have the programs, best management practices, or regulations been effective in resolving harm from the pollutant?
Give examples of progress, or explain with examples what more could be done.

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Running xxxxx Pollutants’ xxxxxxxx and Their Control x

xxxxxxx’s name

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dichloro-diphenyl-trychloroethane (DDT).


This xx one xx the first xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxxx been xxxxxxxxx in the 1940s. xxx primary usage initially xxx to xxxxxx malaria, typhus and some insect-borne xxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx pesticide is very xxxx xxxxxxxxx for controlling insects that xxxxxx xxx production xx crops and xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxx xx its use varies from xxxxxxxxxxx pests that affect xxxxx and institutions. Following its widespread use, xxx pests xxx xxxxxxx have xxxxxxxxx resistance xx xxx Due xx environmental xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx effects xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx drug after the 1950s, xxx US xxxxxxxxxx of agriculture xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx DDT use. xx around xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Protection xxxxxx gave xx order xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx the use of DDT since xx was xxxxxxxxxx

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xxxxx of Acid xxxx Pollutants

xxxxxxx’s xxxx

xxxxxx Number

xxxxxx 13, 2014

xxxxx here] [Type here] [Type xxxxx
xx Chosen Pollutant xxxxxx xxx Sources Pollutants:

I have xxxxxx “xxxx Rain” xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx of xx xxxxxxxxxxx

This xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx by many xxxxxxxx reactions which starts xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx nitrogen xxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx air. xx these xxxxxxxxxx rises xxxx xx xxx environment xxxx xxxx mix xxx xxxxx xxxx oxygen,, water xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx available xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx form xxxx acidic xxxxxxxxxx which is known as acid xxxx where xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and sulfur xxxxxxx easily dissolve with xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx quickly xxxx wind xxx xxxxxxxx as xxxxx two compounds with the xxx xx others xxxxxx a xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx become x xxxx of rain snow, xxxxx xxx fog xxxx exhibits xx xxxx rain xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx Non-Point-Source Pollution).

Human activities or actions are fond xx x main cause xx acid rain. Since xxx xxxxxxxx

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