What technologies made it possible, and what materials made it realizable?

For this paper, the research will based on B&B Italia Up5 Lounge Chair designed by Geatane Pesce in 1969. The paper aims to analysis the reasons and background of this designer furniture, and why it has been designed in its way by looking at the environment and the historical designs of B&B Italia.
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FINAL (December 10): Build to Think
OBJECTIVE: To gain a perspective on design that is both broad and deep through hands-on research.
For your final project you are to select a mass-produced use-object, currently or recently in production, and investigate it using the tools of design research. Note that four progress reports are due as indicated in the syllabus. Your final deliverable is due in class on December 10.
The object you select may be drawn from any medium you choose, including (but by no means limited to) industrial machinery, consumer electronics, buildings or architectural spaces, clothing, graphics, books, websites, typography, medical or scientific instruments, toys, food, gardens, office equipment, sporting goods, urban environments, software, etc. Note that we are not asking for a history of a product type but a multi-faceted analysis of a specific object. Compare the following examples:
** not acceptable: office furniture
** acceptable: the Herman Miller Aeron chair designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf
** not acceptable: icons
** acceptable: the Facebook Like button conceived by Aaron Sittig and designed by Soleio Cuervo
If you think of this as a design exercise rather than a term paper you will be able to avoid misconceived projects on, for instance, The History of Contraception or Handguns and Society. Although History and Society may be critical elements of your project, your challenge is to develop a strategy that enables you to analyze the specific artifact you have selected. This will require imagination and perseverance.
Some of the questions you might ask include:
** What is the history of the object, and of the category to which it belongs?
** Who designed it? Who was the client? Where and how was it manufactured?
** What different fields of design does it embody (mechanical, graphic, interactive, packaging, service…)?
** What technologies made it possible, and what materials made it realizable?
** How might you characterize its life cycle (sales, delivery, use, service, disposal…)?
** For whom is the product intended (policemen, surgeons…); who are its actual users (gangsters, addicts…)? ** Are there rituals of use surrounding it? Can it be repurposed? Can it be misused?
** Can it be compared with products of different genres (e.g., a modern building and a modern typeface)?
** Is it gendered or otherwise culturally specific (inappropriate for children, inaccessible to the elderly…)?
** Are there ethical, political, or legal issues associated with it?
** How might the design have been improved?
These sample questions are just to get you started, and not all of them may be relevant to your topic. Thirty minutes of brainstorming with your friends will produce dozens more.
GRADING: Your grade will be based on our judgment of the thoughtfulness of your design research and the thoroughness of your analysis. Although different topics will invite different criteria of judgment, these are examples of the sorts of questions we are likely to ask in evaluating your work:
** Have you used multiple sources?
** Have you been both rigorous and imaginative in developing a research protocol?
** Have you been aggressive in pursuing specialists or sampling user responses?
** Have you identified key players (inventors, designers, manufacturers, retailers, customers)?
** Have you identified notable turning points in the history or evolution of your selected object?
** Have you explained what is unique about your product relative to competitors? to predecessors? ** Have you drawn upon relevant theories, concepts, and movements from the history of design? ** Have you applied diverse categories (technology? behavior? symbolism? ritual?)
** Have you made an argument, an analysis, or an interpretation that is distinctively your own?
** Have you created an original presentation that is appropriate to the subject matter?

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