What temperature properties do most of the world’s oceans have?

The ocean is slow to heat and to cool. Explain why.

2. Describe the manner in which sound is transmitted under water.

3. Why can we say that the ocean is stratified?

4. What temperature properties do most of the world’s oceans have?

5. When will the density of a parcel of seawater increase?

6. What is the ocean’s deep sound channel (SOFAR layer)?

7. Describe what happens to the wavelengths of light that penetrate into the ocean.

8. Describe the densest seawater.

9. Define the following terms:

Aphotic Zone
Photic Zone

10. Describe what causes the seasons.

11. What is the Coriolis effect?

12. Name the surface winds of the Earth.

13. Contrast the following phenomena:


14. Name the sea surface ocean currents and recognize their locations.

15. Describe the deep ocean circulation.

16. What is El Niño?

17. Describe the parts of an ideal wave.

18. Describe the following waves:

shallow waves
bore waves
Rouge waves
internal waves

19. What causes ocean tides?

20. Explain how upwelling occurs

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