What was a major difference between African societies and those of the west, the east, and the Americas?

Which one of these was NOT a famous heroic female?

Candace (Kush)

Ariel (Palestine)

Joan of Arc (France)

Mulan (China)

2 points

Question 2

The Maya and the early tribes of Africa were matrilineal, a term meaning?

Societies where females were in charge

Nations without marriage laws

Families that traced descent through the mother’s side

Cultures with art that featured facial structures

2 points

Question 3

The precursor societies to the Maya and the Inca were?

Olmecs and Chavin

Toltecs and Amazonians

Aztec and Toltecs

They had no precursors

2 points

Question 4

Timbuktu was…?

A center of learning and knowledge in Africa

A center of trade and Islamic culture

Capitol of the Malian Empire

All of these

2 points

Question 5

The Inca used a complex writing system based on…?

Beautiful calligraphy

Intricately knotted ropes



2 points

Question 6

The Olmec civilization fell due to…?

Outside invasion

Assimilation into the Maya

Natural disasters


2 points

Question 7

The growth of sub-Saharan African empires was made possible by…?

The camel to facilitate long-distance trade

Left over Roman roads

Rivers that went through the desert bringing goods

Ships moving down the Atlantic coast

2 points

Question 8

The native religions of civilizations in both America and Africa were…?

Alike in that they all featured human sacrifice

More philosophical traditions than religions

Believed in a single all-powerful god

Polytheistic – many gods over natural forces

2 points

Question 9

Calendars and history was viewed by early Americans as…?

A wheel without fixed beginning where events happened at multiple or different points

A line with a fixed beginning and a definite end of the world

A cycle of endless renewal of both time and people

Important only for the farming of corn and religious rituals

2 points

Question 10

What was a major characteristic of surviving Olmec art?

It was the first abstract art

A focus on the human face

It glorified corn

It was the first to not depict the gods

2 points

Question 11

What was a major difference between African societies and those of the west, the east, and the Americas?

A – Society was much more strict in Africa than elsewhere

B – Women held relatively more power in African societies than in others

C – There was not such a wide gulf between the rulers and the ruled

Both B and C

2 points

Question 12

What was “Great Zimbabwe”?

A large confederation of nations fighting off the rule of outsiders

A stone-based culture of Bantu speakers that moved through southern and central Africa

A primitive society of hunter/gatherers not aligned with other groups

A form of artistic expression unique to Africa

2 points

Question 13

How did the Greeks influence east African societies?

By bringing trade, language, and eventually Christianity to areas under Axumite control

By introducing philosophy to primitive African tribes

By creating city-state systems that persisted in Africa until modern times

By making the Greek the main language of modern day east Africa

2 points

Question 14

How were the Spanish able to conquer the Americas so quickly?

There was no time for American cultures to adapt to disease, technology, and government in the face of more advanced Europeans

The foolishness of American political and military leaders

The American civilizations lacked a truly military culture

The American civilizations were all already in decline

2 points

Question 15

What about the Mayan civilization helped it to fall to the Europeans?

They were essentially pacifists who refused to fight off invasions

The society was weakened by human sacrifice

Environmental problems reduced populations and power prior to Spanish arrival

The Aztecs had already conquered large swaths of Mayan territory

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