What was the book’s perspective on the topic?

Research Paper: Students will write an 8-12 Research paper over three different perspectives on a particular historical event. This research paper is designed to help students better understand and analyze the relationship of perspectives with the assistance of a scholarly book, a Hollywood film, and your individual research. The paper is designed for students to analyze Hollywood’s view of History, with author’s view of History and then a complete research of the topic by the student. Some things you need to know: You must follow the Writing Checklist (handout) which is on Blackboard. You should also follow the due dates on the syllabus because you will have to submit a topic for approval. Then we will select the movie and also the book you are required to use. You will then have to submit a rough draft for me to review, and then your final paper. The Paper must be written in Microsoft Word. Remember if I cannot open it the paper will be a zero. Your paper will follow this format: An Introduction of the Topic, book, and movie. An overview of why you picked the topic and the other sources that you used. What was the book’s perspective on the topic? Be specific with lots of details What was the movie’s perspective on the topic? Was the movie accurate? Did the movie exclude any race, ethnicity, grow, etc.? Were there any stereotypes? Use specific examples!!!! Your general opinions on the movie…. Conclude with your research on the topic. Final thoughts on your entire research and your conclusions You must have at least 3 sources besides the book and the movie. Your paper should be 8-12 pages long. Since you have footnotes you do not need a Works cited page. If you do include one it is not part of the page limits. You do not need a title page because it will be turned in on Blackboard.

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