What was the Russian’s strategy to combat the advancing French army?

Answer each question 12 font , Double spaced. Make sure each question is 2 pages long.

1.) What was the Terror in France? What role did the Committee of Public Safety
play in the terror? What was their main execution method? How many people died
in the Terror? What ideas were stressed? Did genocide take place in France
anywhere? Please use names and examples while answering. Describe Napoleon’s
invasion of Russia. Was he successful? Did his army fail to capture Russia? If so why
was this so? What was the Russian’s strategy to combat the advancing French army?
What happen to Napoleon after the invasion of Russia?
2.) What was the Armenian Genocide? Who was involved? How was it a genocide?
Please identify the evidence, and the causes that led to the Armenian Genocide.
Please keep in mind Israel Charnay’s genocidal model.

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