What were their values concerning religious worship?

The paper must have 12 quotes with page numbers from the novel only. With explanation of quotes. *The paper must start with a strong thesis statement and end with a conclusion. The essential questions that I have to answer and incorporate into my paper is as follows: What cultural, religious, moral, and family values can we extract from this novel for the Ancient Greek culture? This novel seeks to put the reader into a “real life account” of Mycenaean Greece. In this sense, we could see ourselves as anthropologists studying Greek culture. What were their values concerning religious worship? What did they believe about honor and glory and the duties of a faithful Greek man? What can we learn about family values? What can we learn about their views of women? (We might also compare those values with 21st century American values.) *** Please put more emphasis on explaining and pointing to : honor , values and the greek gods.

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