Where are the inconsistencies or other shortcomings in our knowledge which these works have not solved?

This assignment isn’t long at all: it’s only 2-3 pages. This means that your summary and synopsis of each piece will be relatively brief.

Literature Review

2-3 pages

5 sources (attached =use for sure the first two)

This expands on the background, discussing how thinking on the issue has changed over time.

You could also include how the problems/issues/events have changed.

Need to be looking as some major thinking on the subject, even if you argue that they are completely wrong!

What is a Literature Review?

A literature review discusses published information in a particular subject area.

It is both a summary of the article included and synthesis of it. You’ll also need to include an evaluation of the article with regards to your research question.

It is a critical description o the literature relevant to a particular research question.

It should contain the works that you consulted in order to develop your research

It should provide justification/background for the research undertaken:

The LR will guide the reader to understand the contribution of your work by pointing out the gaps currently.

It is not just a list of previous work.

What should the LR answer?

What do we already know in the immediate area concerned?

What are the characteristics of the key concepts or the main factors or variables?

What are the relationships between these key concepts, factors or variables?

What are the complementary existing theories/approaches?

Where are the inconsistencies or other shortcomings in our knowledge which these works have not solved?

Why study (further) the research problem?

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