Which approach is more relevant to explain the American society?

answer the 4 discussion questions below briefly.

1-C. Wright Mills presents a convincing argument for the existence of a “power elite” in American society; however, some analysts like Robert Dahl, conclude that the group approach seems to provide an accurate description of the American Political system. What evidence is there in support of either of these arguments? Which approach is more relevant to explain the American society?

2- THE DEBATE IN 10 of Chapter 10 is about the relationship between economic development and democracy. Which argument on each side of the debate is more persuasive? Why? Any examples to support you?

3- THE DEBATE IN 11 of Chapter 11 is about globalization. Is globalization positive for most country as well as most people in the world? Why? Why not? Any examples to support you?

4- THE DEBATE IN 12 of Chapter 12 is about terrorism. Do you support the statement, “One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter”? Why? Why not?

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