Which candidate would you support?

Public Opinion Assignment: To predict election outcomes, pollsters often ask the following question in a survey, “If the election were held today, which candidate would you support?” The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of public opinion polls. Focusing on the 2016 presidential election, your job will be to write a short response paper that examines this very question to determine if there is already a front-runner or if the candidates are in a statistical tie.

The link below ) will take you to a series of public opinion polls that consider hypothetical match-ups involving Hillary Clinton and her Republican challengers. Next, choose one of these match-ups, using one of the polls listed on the website (DO NOT USE RCP AVERAGE). Based on the information provided, determine whether there is a clear front-runner or if Clinton and her Republican counterpart are in a statistical tie. In a 1-paragraph response, be sure to include the following information: the “match-up,” the sample statistics for each candidate, and the margin of error. Finally, interpret the results by determining whether or not there is a front-runner of if the candidate’s are in a statistical tie.


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