Which character do you have the most sympathy with in Arthur Miller’s American tragedy Death of a Salesman?

This is an assignment for English American Literature II about drama. I need you to watch plays and write a paper them using modernism and postmodernism. Also answering 2 questions in separately

Here is the full info about the paper

“The Final Lesson covers American Drama. We will look at two seminal plays about the American dream, examining those plays through the lenses of modernism and postmodernism. Look for these plays on YouTube. You can watch the plays scene by scene (it’s hard to find full versions all in one take on YouTube) and you will understand them much better if you watch as you read. The famous version of Glen Garry Glenross includes a scene that is not in the book, but it’s pretty terrific and worth watching. It stars Alec Baldwin and many other famous people. The version of Death of a Salesman with Jason Robarbs is my favorite but the one with Dustin Hoffman is also terrific. The paper will also be written during this lesson. No late papers will be accepted.”

The questions are (need shorts ansers only)

– Which character do you have the most sympathy with in Arthur Miller’s American tragedy Death of a Salesman?

– David Mamet had read and knew Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. In many ways, Glengarry Glen Ross is a postmodern response to Miller’s modern play.

more info:


The final paper will involve answering the two questions below. Be sure to included quotes from the plays, and the source discussed below. Do not use sources from outside the course. Cite your sources (even those you paraphrase) and create a Works Cited for each answer using MLA formatting. Use Son of citation machine or a site like it to help you if you need it. You will have to use Word to create the paper. If you upload your essay using any other program, I might not be able to open your paper.

Organize your answers with a short introduction and body paragraphs. Create a thesis for each paper that will come at the end of the introduction. Create topic sentences for each body paragraph.

Each answer should be about 700 words long. Provide a word count at the end of the answers from you computer. You can go longer but if you go shorter, you won’t be able to fully answer the questions. Feel free to email each other questions as you work and of course, you should email me questions as well!

1. Look at the way Miller defines a modern tragic hero. Tragic heroes in Miller’s construct are modern not post modern. Using the café scene from Death of a Salesman and discuss how Willy fits into Miller’s definition of modern tragic hero. Use quotes from the essay and the play to organize your response. (write at least 700 paragraphed words)

2. In Glengarry Glen Ross Mamet looks at the horrors of capitalism during the postmodern period. He also looks at the world of men. Discuss he utilizes at least two of the elements of postmodernism listed in Owl Purdue paragraphs to create a postmodern commentary on the world of sales. Quote from both the essay and the play. (write at least 700 words

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