Which ones do you think are most effective? Explain why.

Discuss the following in 150+ Words with intext citations and references. Quiz is Attached

Discussion 1 – Compare and contrast four approaches in clinical psychology.

Discussion 2 – Identify the strengths and limitations of psychological assessment instruments.

Discussion 3 – Evaluate the appropriateness of psychological testing instruments for various populations.

Discussion 4 – Identify at least one contributor to each of the four theoretical approaches in clinical psychology, along with his or her specific theories or views about human behavior. Which of the four approaches do you find most interesting? Explain your response.

Discussion 5 – What types of testing instruments do psychologists use to make a diagnosis? Which ones do you think are most effective? Explain why.

Discussion 6 – Who was Carl Jung? Who was his mentor? What are some of Jung’s best known contributions to clinical psychology

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