While studying MGMT 1001 you have completed two simulated climbs of Mount Everest. Simulations are often used as a method for developing management capability and learning ‘soft skills’. You are now required to write a report on the use of simulations as a development tool for managers. Your report must: • Show you understand and have selected issues to analyse your learning as a result of your Everest participation. • Demonstrate development and analysis of skills by using frameworks and theories from MGMT 1001 course. • Reflect upon what you have learnt as a result of your experiences in a supported manner (by utilising theories and frameworks from MGMT 1001).

1. This is a report, the structure of the report is attached. (File name: structure of report)
2. Details of each section is attached. (File name: how to write individual report)
3. I have attached the marking rubric (File name: marking rubric)
4. I have written down my experience for both simulation (File name: personal experience+team contract)
5. Result for both simulation (File name: simulation result)
6. Background of the simulation (File name: background of simulation)ps. please reply me asap if there is any confusion or if you need more information about my experience

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