Who are stakeholders? What stage or phase is the intervention in?

Session Aims & Objectives
Aim: to ensure students know what is required to produce an outstanding dissertation
Objectives: by the end of the session students will understand:
expectations of dissertation writing
report structure
essential elements of each section
Process (formative) evaluation
Who are stakeholders? What stage or phase is the intervention in?
What element of process is significant?
Are there power issues?
How can the process be improved?
Outcome (summative) evaluation
What are objectives? What baseline data is there?
Are there viable comparison groups?
Has the intervention delivered against its goals?
Theories of action & logic models
Intervention may deliver impact but not via the logic intended
Any unintended outcomes?
Realist evaluation
What are the significant contextual factors?
What is the history of this situation?
What mechanisms affect the outcomes?
Title Page  Abstract/Executive Summary (maximum 1 page)
List of Figures and Tables
Contents Page
Chapter 1 Introduction (roughly 2,000 words)
Chapter 2 Literature Review (roughly 5,000 words)
Chapter 3 Methodology / Research Design (roughly 2,500 words)
Chapter 4 Analysis / Results (roughly 4,000 words)
Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations (roughly 2,500 words)
Chapter 6 Personal Reflection (roughly 1,250 words)

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